WiiM Mini Streamer

The least expensive, least complicated way to make your streaming services and audio equipment play well together!

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This little hockey puck is the least expensive, least complicated way we know of to get your streaming services and audio equipment to “play nice” together. The WiiM Mini is an unobtrusive, easy to use hub for listening to music and podcasts throughout your home.

No need to depend on Bluetooth: the WiiM Mini works over wifi and takes over streaming from your phone. Control it from the dedicated WiiM app, or connect via Spotify, AirPlay, Amazon Music, Tunein, Tidal and more…even control it from Alexa and Siri speakers!

Older home theater receiver or soundbar? Use the Mini’s optical output (cable included). Cabinet full of 1980s stereo components behind glass? Just plug the WiiM Mini’s Aux Out into one of the inputs and you’re in business — cable included (or see related item below for a cheap upgrade). If you have WiFi-enabled speakers anywhere in your home, the Mini can play through them as well.

The WiiM Mini includes Bluetooth, making it simple for guests to connect, and a standard 3.5mm Aux In jack (cable included!) for just about anything else you might want to play out loud.

Powered over USB…power adapter and cable included!

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