Franz Schubert: A Biography (Elizabeth McKay)

A vivid biography exploring Schubert’s background, musical upbringing, friendships, physical and emotional challenges, and his relations with the artistic world of his day.

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Who was Schubert, this man who composed an amazing succession of masterpieces, so many of which were either entirely ignored or regarded as failures during his lifetime? In her new biography, Elizabeth McKay paints a vivid portrait of Schubert and his world. She explores his family background, his education and musical upbringing, his friendships, and his brushes and flirtations with the repressive authorities of Church and State. She discusses his experience of the arts, literature, and theater, and his relations with the professional and amateur musical world of his day. She traces the way Schubert’s manic-depression was reflected in social inadequacies and professional ineptitude, as well as idiosyncrasies in his music. And she examines Schubert’s declining health and its effect on his music and emotional life.

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