Deluxe Adjustable Piano Light

An elegant, full-featured lamp that bends and swivels to light up your keyboard and sheet music.

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A stylish, stable, highly adjustable piano light that will shine on your keyboard and music and not in your eyes. It’s a fine piece of decor yet very practical, with lots of useful features such as easy to use touch controls, 6 color temperatures, 15 brightness levels, a wide range of positions, and a removable glare shield. And you can set the lamp to turn on when someone approaches and turn off when no one is nearby. (Note: it will consider your cat a person.)

Setup instructions in English are found in the video on the Amazon listing. If you’re unfamiliar with BenQ, they are known for their high-quality computer monitors and projectors, and they have branched out into lighting. User reviews of this lamp are…well, glowing! It would make a great gift for any serious pianist.

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