Deluxe Blackwing Pencils

Three of the best pencils in the world, great for writing in scores.

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Sample pack of 3 of the best pencils in the world, so you can discover your favorite:

  • The Blackwing Matte is ideal for musicians, woodworkers, or anyone who prefers a soft, dark line. Matte black finish.
  • The Blackwing 602 was the pencil of choice for John Steinbeck, Chuck Jones, and countless others. It features a firm and smooth graphite core. Gunmetal gray finish.
  • A favorite of calligraphers and illustrators, the Blackwing Pearl has a balanced and smooth graphite core; softer than the Blackwing 602, firmer than the Blackwing Matte. Pearl white finish. 

Each pencil features the iconic square Blackwing ferrule and adjustable eraser.

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